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When I was 18 years old, I started getting to know the floral industry in South America from its planting, production and sale process, the Bqts caught my attention from my first day, their recipes and vibrant colors excited me, and from my position as a sales planner I always I wanted to give more and be involved in the new recipes and there were limits and a long way to go.


2020 after many years in the industry my purpose was to sell Bqts to different supermarkets in California but it is not easy to reach the public with my recipes and today thanks to many friends in the industry i want to share my products to know that we identify with your demonstrations of affection to your loved ones and we designed our Bqts direct line with fresh products and direct connection from the farm to our warehouse in Santa Ana


With a process of complete cold and hydration 100% verified and carefully selected products so that you obtain safety and enjoy different types of v varieties of fillers and different colors of fresh roses all so that your feelings are as unique as your heart and as the people you love.

We work for the client, we want to provide the best user experience. We will be leaders in innovation and design. We are committed to moving towards profitable growth and improving the floral offer.

Our mission is to continually raise the level of customer experience, bring inspiration and innovation, we are a corporation dedicated to the distribution and marketing of roses, flowers and foliage. We are committed to having quality products so that our customers obtain products that meet their needs. Our product is aimed at flower shops, florists, event organizers, end customers and anyone who likes flowers.

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